More than a gaming server provider.


Our goal is to provide gaming servers we’d actually play on.

Previously known as ScriptKidz, Axed Network is an initiative started by two friends with a passion for gaming and technology. After failing to find a good CS:GO surf server, we decided to put the fate in our own hands and start a surf server.

Our server quickly grew and gathered a tight community. After relaunching ScriptKidz into Axed Network, we still strive to provide the best servers and playing experience to our players.

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The best experience that can be.

Here you can quickly check the status of every server we own and see
all information available about all those servers.
You can also join from there without having to type in the ip's in your console.


Latest News

April 15, 2019

Our discord is amazing!

Please check out our discord, It is a hub for our community. Our discord is a place where you can meet new people and contact staff members. We will announce…
April 15, 2019

Join our steam group!

We have a steam group, This is a place for meeting new friends and fellow gamers, in our group chat you can chat with new players from our community and…
April 15, 2019

We have a twitter account!

Hello there, We have opened up a twitter account. We will use this medium to keep you posted on our journey. For example, if the servers are down we will…


We are not yet implementing VIP. Though, this is defenitely on our agenda.
In the meanwile we setup a Buymeacoffee page where you are free to buy us a coffee!

Your donation helps keep Axed Network in the air and you’ll get a fancy Discord role! 😉

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